Foundation Training

All of our consultants undertake core training modules in the following areas over a 4 week period before starting their assignment:


Covering everything from the definition of a bank to the mechanics of a credit default swap, this intensive course in all things banking lays the foundation for our consultants to succeed.

Soft Skills

A large part of our role is to assist with graduates’ transition from study to work. Modules cover basics such as professional behaviour and stakeholder management.


We train all consultants in MS Office. In addition we also provide tailored technology and data training to meet clients’ needs, which can be implementation, support or development focussed.

Ongoing Programme

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care and focus on continual development of Vantage Point’s consultants once they are on client site adds value for our clients and ensures the high retention rates for which we are known. We enable our consultants to outperform their potential as quickly as possible and to become indispensable within their new roles.

Soft Skills and Training

Our Simul8 Academy programme runs seamlessly alongside client projects to equip consultants with all the tools they need to perform their tasks effectively and to also be ready for the next challenge. Continuous soft skills training sessions are delivered through classroom sessions.
Participants will also have access to a further suite of e-learning financial markets modules, and in certain cases professional qualifications, to supplement their domain knowledge.


Constructive feedback is crucial for the development of Vantage Point’s consultants, especially early on in their careers. We conduct formal appraisals on a six-monthly basis with a combination of client, company and peer feedback to assist consultants in realising their full potential.

Specialist Training

Following the Foundation Training, Vantage Point’s consultants undertake Specialist Training with a detailed industry/technology domain focus and also receive further relevant soft skills coaching. This approach ensures that they are equipped with all of the appropriate skill sets to make a notable impact when they start at a client site.
Our Academy training consists of courses lead by industry experts, 400+ modules, e-learning and group exercises.

Community and Engagement

A sense of community and constructive culture are vital to the success of the Simul8 programme. All of our consultants benefit from an open culture that will support their development and the cultivation of the required teamwork skills. We also incorporate a wide range of social events throughout the two-year programme including: quarterly town halls, a summer party, a festive winter party, team lunches and ongoing training events.

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