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Find Your Career Path

The Vantage Point Simul8 Training Academy offers you the unique opportunity to kickstart your career in the financial services or technology industries.

The 4-week training programme will equip you with all the necessary soft skills, technical and banking knowledge so that you can excel on one of our client sites. We have a variety of career paths whether you have a passion for technology, or you’re savvy with data we have the role for you.

Project Management Office

PMOs in the financial industry play a crucial role in the successful operation and growth of the organisation. Any Projects an organisation commits to is automatically complex due to Industry regulations and a responsibility to securely handle sensitive financial data. The role of the PMO is about managing the bigger picture, focusing the team in the right direction, and anticipating issues/risks to ensure that the project process is optimised.

Cloud Engineering

As the financial services industry embraces the benefits of cloud computing including the: ability to process much larger amounts of data, run new methods of advanced analytics and the flexibility which comes with a more technological setup, cloud engineers play a crucial role in the modern era for these companies. A Cloud Engineer is responsible for the design, management, and maintenance of a cloud infrastructure. They also follow best practices and ensures the security of the network.

Business Analysts

Business Analysts work with organisations to help improve their processes and systems. They conduct research and analysis to come up with solutions to business problems and help introduce these systems to businesses and their clients. Understanding the needs for an objective are key in this role as they will need to decide how to best allocate resources to effectively meet the requirements of a project.

Data Analysts

A Data Analyst collects and analyses data to spot trends and  derive information to provide to clients or management to be used  to make business decisions pertaining to: the customer sectors to target, the products and services to be offered, and many other businesses practices. Their main duties include identifying, gathering, organising and analysing data and making their insights accessible to key stakeholders within the company. The financial services industry is driven by larger amounts of data sets, data analyst play a critical role to procure this data and draw conclusions.

Data Engineering

Much like the Data Analyst, they hold a crucial role to financial services companies due to the large amounts of important financial data to be understood to drive company decisions. A Data engineer however is involved in preparing the data and develop and develop, tests & maintain complete architecture.

We are looking for ambitious individuals with a growth mindset and a desire to learn and you don’t need any previous experience to apply, so why not join Vantage Point today?

The Application Process

1. Apply Online

Please apply online to one of our advertised jobs above and we will review your application based on your relevant attributes and academic background.

2. Phone Interview

A member of the Talent Acquisition team will arrange a time to speak with you to discuss the Advantage Academy and career

3. Video Interview

If successful, we will invite you to complete a one-way video interview with a number of pre-set questions to determine suitability.

4. Face-to-Face

This will be a two-way interview with one of our Talent Acquisition team and will be a mixture of competency and strengths-based interview questions.

5. The Offer

Should you be successful, we will give you a call to let you know the good news and discuss the details of the offer.

"We use Vantage Point because we like to work with people who are energetic, passionate and hard working. We are always looking for new ways to reduce costs and increase quality, and the people we’ve had from Vantage Point have hit the mark on both counts."

Chief Operating Officer, Global Banking and Markets, Investment Bank