Early Career Programmes

Our Early Career Programme provide ready-made scalable and cost-efficient teams for your Business As Usual, Change or Transformation requirements, whilst Vantage Point provides pastoral care and ongoing training.

Programme Overview

We hire talented individuals with up to 3 years’ post qualification experience and provide them with intensive training for six to eight weeks.

Each Early Careers cohort is typically 5 to 15 like-minded people with similar skill sets. The cohort is deployed to a Bank or Financial Services client as a ready-made team for your BAU, CTB or Transformation requirements, whilst Vantage Point continue providing pastoral care and ongoing training.

After an agreed period of time, clients can take on the whole team or individuals as permanent employees.

A Low-Risk Flexible ROI

Vantage Point employs all of our consultants on a full time PAYE basis throughout their time with us.

As projects evolve and skill requirements change, our clients can also request a rotation of consultants. Once a programme has finished, consultants can be released back to Vantage Point or can be hired on a permanent basis.

Low Transparent Fees

The Vantage Point business model allows our fees to be significantly lower than that of a fully trained permanent member of staff, and more cost effective than traditional contractors and consultants.

Companies are undergrowing pressure to deliver more and reduce costs.  Vantage Point provides a solution that delivers both.  Our pricing is transparent, fixed in advance, deliberately simple and compelling for our clients.

Fresh Perspectives

Vantage Point consultants are trained to think outside the box – they bring a range of fresh ideas and renewed energy to projects.  Many of our clients tell us that the technical skills and knowledge that recently graduated consultants bring are more relevant and innovative than their more ‘experienced’ peers.

Diverse Demand-Based Resourcing

Companies are moving away from the traditional rotation styled Graduate Programme in favour of building teams that have the passion and commitment to work in a specific business area.  Our clients typically ask for an Early Career Programme cohort to demonstrate a diversity in their talent but who collectively have specific technical or business skill sets.

We run Simul8 training programmes throughout the year to meet our clients’project demands.  The tailored programme includes domain knowledge, technical skills, soft skills, role plays and deliverables that are specific to our client’s needs.  

Ongoing Learning & Development

We provide regular mentoring, training and pastoral care to our consultants.  
To ensure their continued development, consultants are given performance reviews on a six monthly cycle.  The reviews incorporate stakeholder feedback and we work with consultants to produce their personal development plan.

Throughout their Vantage Point career consultants have access to our e-learning facility and are invited to our Lunch & Learn events and structured training sessions.  They are also encouraged to get relevant qualifications needed for their client role e.g. AgilePM Foundation, Project Fundamentals Qualification, ITIL Foundation, etc.

Guaranteed Retention

The two-year retention period guarantees continuity of resource to a greater degree than that of permanent staff, contract resources and other consulting firms.  Along with regular performance based salary reviews, our Early Career Programme provides consultants with a clear path on their professional journey.

Permanent Transition to Client

Our consultants gain invaluable in-house knowledge and experience during their assignments. As a result, our clients frequently value the opportunity to convert the consultants to permanent employees.

Our Consultant Cycle


We work with our clients to understand your current resource landscape, upcoming projects and potential skill gaps. Together we can identify where junior resource can add value in both the short and longer term. 


Together we create a bespoke plan to deliver the programme from contract to end point. The experience for our client and our consultants is everything, so getting it right, the first time, is of upmost importance to us.


Candidates go through a series of competency-and scenario-based assessments with a focuson values and translatable skills before being selected.


We train the selected consultants with all required knowledge and soft skills in order to equip them to have maximum impact from day one on client site.


A dedicated Account Management and Delivery team is assigned to each client project to oversee the initial onboarding, followed by the provision of pastoral care for the consultants and ongoing governance of the project.


Our consultants gain invaluable in-house knowledge and experience during their assignments. As a result, our clients frequently value the opportunity to convert the consultants to permanent employees.

Our Selection Process


We research the best graduate talent and start with a pool of, on average, 200 candidates. 


From those, an average of 100 will be selected via phone interviews. 


Approximately 50 candidates are invited to prepare a video presentation. 


An average of 20 are then interviewed in-person by a Vantage Point panel. 


Ten successful candidates will begin the Simul8 Academy programme.