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Cloud DevOps Support for Technology Professional Services Client

Cloud computing offers large clients a chance to stabilise their technical infrastructure whilst also giving the ability to scale in a cost-effective manner. The explosion in cloud migration programmes across the city has resulted in experienced software engineers commanding ever-increasing salaries and high attrition rates. There are simply not enough Cloud Engineers to service the demand in this space.

Vantage Point’s cloud engineering service employs logical problem-solving programmers and teaches them the benefits of cloud computing and typical associated technologies and methods. This, coupled with our capital markets business training and soft skill work stimulation training, produces young and capable junior engineers who will become the backbone of the client’s future permanent workforce. In response to this ever-increasing demand for cloud technology projects, our client was very quickly able to use our Cloud Engineers to create highly productive pods to deal with their clients’ cloud migration challenges. With the first of our Vantage Point Engineers now working permanently for our client, they have found that a repeatable cycle has enabled them to build a credible cloud engineering workforce to meet their clients’ needs.

Vantage Point was able to offer a wide array of benefits to our client from this engagement and the continuous cohorts we provide. Our client urgently required high quality Cloud Engineers for an ever-increasing book of work which Vantage Point was able to respond quickly to and deliver trained Cloud Engineers with a minimal lead time. Our offering gave a cost-effective solution to the challenges which this disruptive technology has created in the market. The partnership also successfully aligned with the client’s diversity programmes to help them to accomplish and improve their aspirations for a diverse and inclusive working environment.

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