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Shada Ali Vantage Point Consultant

At Vantage Point there is a network of women who strongly support each other and my professional development.

Vantage Point’s Business Development Director’s passion and ambition are of utmost inspiration to me and her advice and guidance have helped me immensely throughout these past few weeks.

My line manager, is one of the most enthusiastic and positive people I know. She has always given me the guidance and resources to achieve my full potential. Her energy and positivity have had a huge impact on my professional development. For example, on our first meeting, I expressed my interest in a career in technology, she immediately introduced me to an Udemy course. This course has allowed me to create a strong foundation for learning Python, although there is a steep learning curve, the lecturer makes sure every topic is easily explained, it is filled with many examples. Additionally, thanks to the numerous practice exercises available, my understanding and ability to code in Python have improved considerably.

Working at Vantage Point, not only do I feel supported by women, but I also feel assisted and encouraged by the men surrounding me. In my last project, not only was I respected and treated equally, but I always felt as if my opinion and my individuality were highly regarded. My male peers have always made sure that I would not feel excluded, they have supported me throughout the project, both emotionally and professionally.

I must thank everyone for being such a pillar of guidance for my professional development, I have to thank Vantage Point for creating such a space of comfort and support in our career here.

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